Who is Sonia Zivkovic?

Born in Buenos Aires to a big family of diverse European origins, Sonia magnified her multicultural background after living  5 years in Shanghai. Teacher, school leader, consultant, business woman and digital nomad, Sonia Zivkovic has devoted her career to improving schools beyond academic success. Her vast and diverse experience has led to one personal, unique and experimented know-how.


In teaching, Sonia found a life-long passion. She has “the certainty of having chosen the most meaningful career”. During over 20 years of professional experience as an educator, Sonia has cooperated with a wide variety of institutions, from rural schools to urban, private, bilingual, establishments. Sonia thinks “schools are the most complex and exciting type of community to work in”. As a matter of fact, coaching leaders and teachers for the improvement of wellbeing at schools and companies is one of her favourite areas of consultancy.

Actively involved in promoting storytelling in the curriculum, Sonia has lead numerous workshops for teachers and parents about the what, why and hows of storytelling in the classroom and at home. She advocates for the spoken word at the centre stage of education, both at school and at home. “Oracy is the evident foundation of strong literacy and academic skills, but above all, the most natural  tool individuals possess to manifest themselves and relate to others,” she states. “The way we communicate with one another is paramount to life success.”.

She is the co-founder and director of Pana Wakke Productions, a team offering amazing storytelling experiences, formed by a family of people sharing the same beliefs with complementary areas of expertise. Pana Wakke is the vehicle through which Sonia’s expertise and vision come to life. Experiences are tailored to school’s needs with warm professionalism and impeccable logistics.


The relevance of Sonia's work has transcended schools, as the need for wellbeing and transformation are not exclusive to teaching. There is a loud call for individuals to make a deliberate effort to find the courage and develop the tools that will enable them to become who they want to be and realise their dreams. Having done this with teachers and students for two decades, it was natural for Sonia to be welcome in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Sonia Zivkovic is frequently invited to international panels as an passionate advocate for the central role of the human condition in education. A Positive Psychology enthusiast, she strikes a good balance between innovation and a back-to-basics- approach. Her sharp views and ability to bring people on board of her vision have always been appreciated wherever she has been invited to help effect transformation.

Sonia Zivkovic is a restless creative thinker, continuously bringing together complementary disciplines.